• The Ocho Nation


20 Minutes:

Dot Run (150m)

3 Muscle-up


9 Power Cleans 135/95

A Word About Scaling

Sometimes scaling is easy, like today. A number of the Ocho Nation simply have not mastered muscle-ups or handstand push-ups. No worries, today we will be scaling muscle-ups to ring dips to help build the strength necessary to safely land in the support position of the dip. For handstand push ups, we will be doing shoulder taps or DB presses to either improve the athlete's comfort level upside down or to improve pressing strength.

Sometimes scaling isn't so easy, like the 9 power cleans at 135/95. Maybe an athlete can do power cleans at that weight, but 9 in a row is a struggle. In round 4 and 5 that barbell will feel like a truck and the athlete will spend more time looking at the bar than picking it up (or 5 minutes "chalking," right Brennen?). So, this scaling takes a bit of effort from us and from the athlete. The coach needs to know a bit about the athlete and the athlete needs to admit a bit about themselves. If you can't do 9 power cleans unbroken, you should use a lower weight. A lower weight will mean that the athlete gets a higher intensity workout, thus receives more benefit from the workout and lives to fight another day.

Sometimes scaling seems almost impossible. Like when the workout volume might just be a bit much. Whether that means 32 minutes is too long, or 84 wall balls and burpees is a bit much. This is a situation where we try very hard to set each athlete up for success. On these workouts where we need to watch out for too much volume, or too slow of a pace, we do our best to foresee the problem and modify the athlete's workout. We are usually pretty good, but not perfect.

We just wanted to let everyone know that we try everyday to perfectly scale every workout for every athlete. When we do talk to you about modifying the workout, we want you to know that we care and we are trying to make your hour with us the best it can be. If we scale or modify your workout, go with the plan we lay out from the beginning. Attack that version of the workout with all you have.

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