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Friday Night Lights Tonight!

(Pictured here is Kellie after destroying Open workout 16.5 at Friday Night Lights back in March)

Tonight at 6:00pm, the Ocho brings back Friday Night Lights for the annual CrossFit Lift off. Athletes will be 1) establishing a max snatch, 2) establishing a max clean & jerk and 3) performing a workout. All are welcome, you can register with HQ HERE to be ranked worldwide, or just throw down with us.

Regular classes all day at 6am, 8, 10, noon, 4pm and 5pm. Then the lights go down and music cranks up for Friday Night Lights at 6pm.

Friday's workout:

For time:

Run 600m

60 Double Unders

6 Deadlifts 365/275

Run 400m

40 Double unders

4 Deadlifts 365/275

Run 200

20 Double Unders

2 Deadlifts 365/275

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