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No, Really, what's the workout?

.com February 12, 2017

500 Double Unders For Time.

At the beginning of each minute (including the first), perform 3 Bodyweight Front Squats

Yes, that is really the workout. Yes, it is going to be very hard, even for our jump rope ninjas. No, you should not cherry pick this workout just because you struggle (or hate) double unders. Are you going to do 500 double unders today? Probably not. We have a pile of different scaling options for everyone today.

Occasionally, we hear from members that they chose to take an additional rest day after seeing the workout posted on the blog. Avoiding a workout because you feel like you might not be the best at it, or it might be frustrating, or is beyond your current capabilities is a mistake.

1: a huge unspoken truth: most people at the Ocho do not perform the workout "as prescribed." Instead, we adjust the written workout appropriately for everyone. If that means that 100% of the people that show up have to modify (or, gasp, SCALE) the workout today, that is great. That means we found a new frontier of our collective abilities.

B: sometimes, you need to step outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes we see your true abilities before you do. We know when an unassisted pull-up is coming, or a muscle-up or a bodyweight deadlift. Let us help you gain new abilities.

Thirdly, our programming has to be fun and interesting and new all the time. There is no way any one of us could stick with a boring fitness program.


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