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The 2017 Try Harder Award Goes To....

2017 Try Harder Awards

The Ocho would like to recognize some amazing performances from the 2017 CrossFit Games Open Season. Each week, we all witnessed amazing efforts across the board, but a few stand out and are the recipients of the “2017 Try Harder Award.”

In week 1, the winners are Chelsy Kloss and Paul Schatz. Chelsy stepped up the Rx Division and ripped through 35# dumbbell snatches. It was a sight to see. Paul walked in not planning on participating in the Open this season and took the challenge head on and alone in 17.1. Paul exceeded all of our expectations and finished the workout with time to spare.

In week 2, the winners are Bryan “Flaco” Mendoza and Kellie Rushton. Flaco stormed across the gym with two 50# dummbells on his shoulders in the closing moments of the workout. The effort he put in was amazing. Kellie scored her first, second and ninth unassisted pull ups during the workout!!

In week 3, our winners are Amy McCreary and Brennen Cull. Amy marched through the snatch ladder, clearing the 75# bar and started the 95#. Even though Amy didn’t quite hit the overhead squat at 95#, she did PR her power snatch. Brennen took on the Rx division and hit a 30# PR on his snatch with 1 at 135#.

In week 4, we took on a repeat with the handstand push up chipper. Our winners were both able to get to the wall and exceed expectations. Last year, Ari Santillanes finished the row, but wasn’t able to get a handstand push up. This year she got one! Kent Rowland charged through the deadlifts and wall balls and left himself less than a minute on the wall, where he got his handstand push up.

In week 5, we took on jump rope and thrusters. Chasity Bright and double unders have had love-hate relationship over the last several months and it was amazing to see her knock out 350 of them in one workout, finishing under the time cap. Austin Peterson has shown great improvement in the last month of being with us and his efforts were showcased when he absolutely tore through the scaled workout and hit the floor immediately after.

As impressive as all of these performances were, they pale in comparison to the effort, love and support that the entire Ocho Nation showed during the Open. We appreciate everyone that showed up to help, clean up, judge, spectate and cheer on the athletes. Many of the Ocho Nation showed up on Friday to judge, did the workout at one class on Saturday and judged at the other class on Saturday. You guys are the BEST!

Tuesday's Workout:

2:00 HS Hold

and then:

2 rounds

50 Wall Balls

100 Double Unders

and then:

5 Min to establish max Squat snatch

no more and then.

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