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What Makes Ocho Programming Different

This is an excellent example of what makes our programming different and more effective. Above we have 2 scores from Tuesday's each rounds for time row/push jerk/double under workout. What is important to understand is that power output = intensity = most benefit for your fitness.

On top is Quinn's result. Quinn wasn't able to make it into class, so he did a great thing and took the Ocho workout to the globo gym and hit it hard. Quinn did the workout as 5 rounds for time as opposed to 5 rounds, each for time. The product of that is that Quinn slowed down as the workout went on and ended up with a power output of 103.4 ft*lb/sec (about .187 horsepower). It is great effort and great workout. But let's look at what happens when the workout is performed as we programmed it.

In the second score, Brennen was in the 6pm class and performed the workout as "each for time." With the rest built in, Brennen was able to keep the pace up and finished with 132.3 ft*lbs/sec (about .24 horsepower). Brennen's workout was 27.9% more intense even though the weight on the bar and number of double unders were scaled.

We are only able to do this kind of analysis because the athletes posted their scores to BTWB. Thanks to Brennen and Quinn for being great examples.

Strict press 10-10-10-10

15 Minutes

25' Weighted lunge 45/30

10 DB push press 45/30

2/1 rope climb

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