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Congrats to Richard!!!

Big Congrats to Richard Soto on his recent healthy blood test results!!!

Richard and his 3 kids, Kennedy, Riley and Delaney have been with us since May and are a real treat to have in class. It’s a special thing for a dad to get to workout with all 3 of his kids. We are so happy to have 4/5th of the Soto clan at the Ocho. (Still waiting for Mama Soto to start).

Richard has really been putting in the Try Harder effort these last few months and it is paying off in lifts and in his health metrics. What you see pictured below are all of Richard’s cholesterol values from 2016 and then December. Every single result improved (most are now in the healthy range). Richard explained that he has struggled with poor cholesterol values for most of his life. These results are the first time that he has received good news on these health measurements. Richard, keep up the great work and congrats to you!

It's not 17.4

13 Minute AMRAP

40 Calorie Row

40 Wall Balls

40 Deadlifts (225/155)

40 HandStand Push Ups

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