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Congrats To Our NorCal Masters!

The OchoNation was well represented this year at the NorCal Masters Competition over the weekend. Each one of our competitors out-performed themselves and were the epitome of "Try Harder".

Quick shout-outs: Tobias shined with his gymnastics, double-under skills, and his grit carrying a medball really fast to do a lot of back squats. Anthony took each event and pushed til the last second with a great attitude and turned his 1rep max thruster into his 4rep max! Another absolutely incredible performance from Matt. He finished the competition with darn-near-perfect unbroken sets of 5 bar muscle-ups in the final event to solidify his 4th place overall finish. Becky overcame many milestones with her gymnastics and really got to shine with the run and back squats to finish the competition. Silvana was incredible from start to finish with 3 event wins and FIRST PLACE OVERALL. The Ocho is extremely proud of all of you and it is VERY exciting to think about where we are heading. The fire has been LIT!!!

And to all of our amazing spectators that were able to come out and support the team or were keeping up on social media and leader boarding, THANK YOU!!! As always, the OchoNation cheering section shows up and this weekend was no exception. So thank you for taking the sport of spectating so seriously and raising the bar. It's exhausting but it looks good on all of you.

2018 NorCal Masters Event 3&4

AMRAP 9min

Run 150

10 KB Swing

5 Pull-up


3 Rounds for time.

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